Concrete Perspectives October 2015

Internal News

Austrian Regional Quality Brand for concrete products

The Association of Austrian Concrete and Precast plants (VÖB) presented a new quality label, that makes the regional concrete products recognizable immediately. The unique brand aims at identifying quality local products and the concrete products have to fulfill a series of criteria in order to be enabled to use the quality brand.

“The quality label says “concrete from the region – a part of us” and it guarantees a lot of advantages” said Robert F. Holzer, Vice President of VÖB. He emphasizes that: “The new quality label is only awarded to manufacturers who produce all of their concrete products (the whole production phase) in Austria according to the local regulations, laws and they comply with the standards” (…)” The quality of service is a crucial part of the guidelines that VÖB imposed on its members, continues Mr. Holzer, because only whose service consistently meets the high quality Austrian standards, receives the quality label. “

FIB is invited to G7 alliance

Fédération l’Industrie du Béton (FIB) was asked by the French Ministry to intervene at the official launch of the G7 Alliance of Efficient Use of Resources. CERIB was represented by Marc Lebrun (CEO of CERIB) in Berlin, Germany on 2 October 2015.

Germany, who holds the Presidency of the G7 Alliance, created the group Efficient Use of Resources with the purpose of exchanging best practices. The goal of the initiative is to drive innovation in this area and to achieve the decoupling between economic growth and use of raw materials.

Marc Lebrun recalled the fundamental role of concrete (the equivalent of an Eiffel Tower every 10 seconds in the world) and its contribution to modern society. His speech demonstrated the efforts made by concrete as a material and also as a product in the context of the circular economy requirements.

Construction Sector

  • The University of Dundee will hold next year (4-6 July 2016) the 9th International Concrete Conference with the theme “Environment, Efficiency and Economic Challenges for Concrete”. There is an open call for papers for several thematic areas.

    For further information please visit:

Air Entraining Admixtures

Hardening Accelerating Admixtures

Plasticising and Superplasticising Admixtures

Retarding Admixtures

Set Accelerating Admixtures

Water Resisting Admixtures

  • On 25 September 2015, the European Minerals Day was inaugurated at a Launch Ceremony hosted at the Cimalux cement operations in Rumelange (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg) on the Luxembourg-French border.

    With the presence of the Luxembourg EU Presidency, alongside the European Commission and a Member of European Parliament, the pan-European open doors took place during the two day event (25-27 September). The event aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities for Europe’s mineral raw materials sector in a circular and competitive economy.
    Pan-European Open Quarry and Plant Days

  • On 14 October 2015, the European Builders Confederation celebrated its 25 years anniversary with a photo exhibition and a dinner. The event addressed the involvement of women and young people to the construction sector to make construction SMEs more inclusive.

Press Release – European Builders Confederation

  • On 15 October 2015, the Groupement Belge du Béton held Concrete Days 2015 in Anderlecht, Belgium. The programme of the day included a student competition and award ceremony, amongst others.

    Concrete Days 2015 – GBB

  • On 15 October 2015, the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) published a discussion paper titled “The active role of buildings in a transforming energy market”. The paper describes the important role of the building sector in the decarbonisation of energy sector and it presents strategies to speed up the interaction between the energy and building sector.

BPIE The active role of buildings in a transforming energy market

  • On 16 October, the Small Business Standards SBS organised its first EU conference on “Smart standardisation for SMEs”. The conference was the first of a series of annual conferences – aiming to discuss the impact of standardisation process on SMEs. The event held the title “From national to European standardisation in a global context”.

Amongst others, the event focused on the importance of standards in boosting competitiveness for SMEs, the promotion of national best practices, the added value of being involved in the standardisation process, and the transition from national to European standardisation.

Press Release –Small Business Standards

  • On 19 October 2015, the Wordsteel Association published its 2015 Sustainable Development Charter. The principles highlight the steel industry’s commitments to improving the social, economic and environmental performance of member organisations.

Worldsteel – Sustainable Development Charter

Concrete Printer – Article

Live from the European Union

Relevant calls of HORIZON 2020 for the concrete sector

On 13 October, the European Commission adopted the HORIZON 2020’s 2016-2017 work programme which represents a EUR 16 billion investment budget for the next two years.

For the list of coming calls which could be in the interest of the concrete sector, please contact the Secretariat.

National Award Winners

Stormen Concert Hall and Library (DRDH Architects) -Norway

The Norwegian Precast Concrete Price 2015 was awarded to a new library and concert hall, called Stormen, in the city of Bodø, which is situated in an important, however previously undeveloped part of the city center. The new buildings contribute to a revitalization of the area Storgata, Sjøgata, the harbor and Hålogalandsgata. Stormen and its public areas create space for activities in the previously empty harbor quarter. The buildings are situated in a challenging context where they must relate to the existing street grid, the harbor, the landscape as well as the diversity of the surrounding existing buildings.

The challenge is met in an exemplary way by creating two volumes that complete the block without dominating the cityscape.

Both of the Stormen buildings have facades of precast concrete. The white facade elements are brushed and lightly polished highlighting the marble structure in the surface. The geometry of the façade elements is complex; with its precise joints, corners and window openings, it expresses a serene elegance. The geometrical design is symmetrical in both buildings. The facades and columns reaching upwards give the buildings elegance and they also fit well with the surroundings and the coastal landscape.

The innovative use of precast concrete facades is essential for the unique design of these buildings. The details are thoroughly planned and consistently implemented, from the size and form of each element to the small details in the columns, windows and entrances. The precast facade elements are used in a challenging manner, partly due to the overlapping corners as in masonry. The complex pattern of division in the elements invites curiosity regardless of the perspective from which they are viewed.

The project is the result of an excellent cooperation between client, architect and the precast concrete producer.

Project information:

Category: Cultural building

Client: The Municipality of Bodø

Architect: DRDH Architects, London

Acoustics and scene technics: Arup

Landscaper: Dark Arkitekter AS

Size: 18 038 m2

Localization: Storgata 1A og 1B, Bodø

Finalized: 15 november 2014

Precast Concrete: Overhalla Betongbygg AS

News in brief



10 November 2015

CEN/TC 229/WG 1 and WG4 meeting

Paris, France

17 November 2015

BIBM General Assembly

Brussels, Belgium

19 November 2015 (upon invitations only)

The Concrete Initiative: Citizens at the heart of sustainably-built environment

Brussels, Belgium

19 November 2015

ECP TF Fire & Eurocodes

Brussels, Belgium

20 November 2015

ECP Board

Brussels, Belgium

23 November 2015

CPE CPR meeting

Brussels, Belgium

25 November 2015

BIBM Technical Commission (tbc)

Brussels, Belgium

26-27 November 2015

JRC SafeSust workshop

Ispra, Italy


1st December 2015

Ceramic days

Brussels, Belgium

3 December 2015

The Concrete Initiative Thematic Lunch on Rebuilding (upon invitation only)

Brussels, Belgium

10 December 2015

CPE Workshop on EPDs

Brussels, Belgium

17 December 2015

EMA meeting

Brussels, Belgium

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List of Acronyms

CPE – Construction Product Europe

CPR – Construction Products Regulation

C&D waste – construction and demolition waste

ECP – European Concrete Platform

EMA – European Masonry Alliance

JRC – Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

PCR – Product Category Rules

TF – Task Force

AhG – Ad-hoc Group