EU forests – new EU Framework for Forest Monitoring and Strategic Plans

The aim of this initiative is to develop an EU-wide forest observation framework to provide open access to detailed, accurate, regular and timely information on the condition and management of EU forests, and on the many products and ecosystem services that forests provide.

Survey on application of circular approaches in the construction industry ecosystem

Main objectives of the study:

  • To analyse the role and ability in the construction ecosystem to report relevant data;
  • To measure the uptake of circular approaches in the construction ecosystem;
  • To gain insights into the status of the circular economy in the ecosystem across design, construction, operation and end of life processes;
  • To analyse results and provide conclusions about the availability of the information on the circular economy in construction.

Certification of carbon removals – EU rules

This initiative will propose EU rules on certifying carbon removals. It will develop the necessary rules to monitor, report and verify the authenticity of these removals.

The aim is to expand sustainable carbon removals and encourage the use of innovative solutions to capture, recycle and store CO2 by farmers, foresters and industries. This represents a necessary and significant step towards integrating carbon removals into EU climate policies.

Stakeholder consultation on the Staff Working Document: “Scenarios for a transition pathway for a more resilient, greener and more digital construction ecosystem”.

The Commission services have prepared a Staff Working Document to outline possible scenarios for a transition pathway for a more resilient, green and digital construction ecosystem. For the creation of this Staff Working Document, the service responsible engaged in dialogue with the construction ecosystem.