BIBM Newsletter November 2011


According to the figures published by the European Commission, Business Climate Indicator continues to decline in the euro-zone. There are increased concerns and pessimism about product expectations, overall order books and export order books. The Economic Sentiment Indicator declines as well. The drop was driven by broad-based deterioration in sentiment across the sectors. Confidence remained roughly unchanged only in the construction sector.

European Commission


The euro area (EA17) industrial new orders index down by 6.4% in September 2011 compared with August 2011. Despite having increased in EU 17 in August by 1.4%, the index decreased by 2.3% in EU27 in last September. The total manufacturing working orders decreased the most in Italy and increased the most in Denmark.

European Commission

The economic recovery in EU industry has stalled in recent months. Manufacturing output has been broadly flat over the last six months, whilst business confidence has fallen back to its historical average. Uncertainties about the prospects of the European economy and the turmoil related to the debt crisis in the euro area have taken their toll on the EU industry. European Commission


The European Commission’s Communication on the Sustainable Competitiveness of the Construction Sector is expected to be published at the end of January 2012. The paper is foreseen to answer to future challenges such as climate change and waste production. Further aim of the paper is to define a coherent European policy in the field.

BIBM, with other representatives from the construction sector, addressed a Joint Letter to Commissioner Tajani, and calls for coherent EU policy on sustainable construction.

Joint Letter to Antonio Tajani

On 16 November 2011, the European Commission launched a public consultation on Water efficiency of buildings. The consultation is opened from 16/11/2011 to 08/02/2012. The background document identifies several building level policy options to achieve more efficient use of water, such as :

oVoluntary water performance rating/auditing of buildings

oMandatory water performance rating/auditing of buildings

oMinimum water performance requirements of buildings

oCertification scheme for water reuse and harvesting

European Commission- Water efficiency of buildings



On 15 November 2011, the European Commission adopted its Work Programme for 2012. he Programme sets out how the Commission will build on the ambitious set of proposals to respond to the economic crisis already on the table with further measures next year.

On 23 November 2011, the European Commission adopted a Green Paper on Stability Bonds. The Green Paper intends to initiate a debate on the joint issuance of debt in the euro area and launches a public consultation on the feasibility of common issuance of sovereign bonds among Member States of the euro area. The Green Paper provides three options for stability bonds and a detailed analysis of their financial and legal implications.

European Commission-Stability Bonds

On 23 November 2011, as part of the Smart Regulation agenda, the European Commission issued a report reducing the red tape for SMEs. The new approach aims at ensuring that the EU responds better to the needs of small businesses. The document presents a list of initiatives of this kind already taken and to be examined for the future.

European Commission-Press Release

On 25 October 2011, the European Parliament adopted an own-initiative report on Modernization of Public Procurement. The Parliament calls public bodies to consider the social and environmental benefits of tenders and call the commission to create clear, simple and flexible rules. The process should be more accessible for small and medium businesses. The Commission is expected to issue a legislative initiative on 13/12/2011.

European Parliament- Press Release


BIBM General Assembly Copenhagen 25 November 2011

BIBM came together on the occasion of its bi-annual General Assembly. This meeting was held in Copenhagen to match the coming end of the Polish European Presidency and anticipate the priorities of the Danish Presidency. As regards the German membership, both FDB and a consortium of regions (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and the North region of Germany) will join BIBM in 2012.

BIBM Communication Commission 8 November 2011

The members of the Communication Commission gathered together on 8 November in Paris. The Commission discussed the conclusion of the BIBM Cannes Congress 2011 and agreed on the priorities for the coming months in terms of internal and external communication. Martin Clarke (UK) was elected chairman of the Commission.

AGENDA for the next 3 months

12 December 2011

EPD tool for the precast concrete industry – BIBM meeting

Oslo, Norway


16-17 January 2012

BIBM Board meeting

Brussels, Belgium


6 February 2012

BIBM Directors meeting and Communication Commission

Ulm, Germany


16 February 2012

ECP Board meeting

Brussels, Belgium


22 February 2012

BIBM Technical Commission

Brussels, Belgium


28 February 2012

BIBM Environment Commission

Brussels, Belgium