Student Trophy 2015 – Austria

Project definition: Preliminary design of a barrier-free concrete bridge over the „Alte Donau“ in Vienna for pedestrians and cyclists within the framework of the proposed urban-planning development. The solutions have to include the left and the right river bank, areas for recreational activities (e.g. sports, cultural events), parking lots and traffic zones.

Furthermore not only a good idea with respect to architecture has to be found, but it is also necessary to make calculations and develop building procedures, due to the main goal of the CST: architects and civil engineers must learn to work hand in hand. The students furthermore have to present detailed descriptions and models for visualisation. The sophisticated solutions presented by the students were highly appreciated by the members of the jury, consisting of architects, civil engineers, representatives of the building and cement industries as well as the urban administration/municipal authorities of Vienna.

The first (€ 4000.-) prize was awarded to a team of the Vienna University of Technology, two second prizes (€ 3000.- each) went to students of the Vienna University of Technology  as well as to the Technical University in Graz. In addition two teams won appreciation awards of € 1000.- each.

Winning Project: „Birnerschweb” (Dominic Mimlich, Christopher Emil Kreminger and Nikola Markunovic)


The winning team was able to convince the jury with a concept, which at first sight appears simple and pragmatic but then turns out to be smart and sophisticated. Paying much attention to details like the handrail-design which brings out the bridge‘s conctruction and reduces the size of it‘s structure at the same time, the boys also worked out a solution for the pump station to run-off the rain water. They also managed to improve the traffic routes for pedestrians and cyclists and the banks of the Danube with new inviting rest areas.

Second price project: „BOU” (Kolo Fischbach, Philippe Jans and Nora Hammelmann)


„BOU” is an arch bridge with a very slender structure which is captivating. Though the jury was questioning the need of such a landmark in the surrounding of the „Alte Donau“. Reviewing the structure there’s also a lot of potential for optimization concerning the creative and the technical construction methods (e.g. building the arch with precast segments instead of cast-in-place concrete).

The other second price project: „na thései“ (Jakob Gigler, Sebastian Reiter, Markus Kaindlstorfer, Maximilian Rieger).

„na thései“ is the only project which doesn’t differentiate between the bridge and the landscape. It’s concept is innovative and integral, the team created a whole new topography with seating accommodations and interesting circulation areas. The bridge’s massive construction, it’s height and especially the bridge bearing were put into question by the jury. It’s expedient to use the island as an abutment, but the idea should have been developed further.