Tankefuld residential area  РDenmark

Tankefuld residential area  – Denmark

In the new, sustainable residential area in Svendborg, Tankefuld, the builders, in cooperation with the municipality, focused on CO2 emissions and recycling. The roads’ bearings are therefore produced with a content of recycled materials of 81%.

Picture: https://arkitektforeningen.dk/SVENDBORG:%20Tankefuld

The Tankedfuld development project is an environmentally sustainable project that excels in low CO2 load. In the area, the choice of housing was taken with a priority of low CO2 load and environmentally friendly standards, while the residential building is designed with thorough consideration of interior design and material quality.

The roofs are equipped with solar cells, terrace or grass (sedum) on the north side while the rainwater on the ground is led via open bins or pipes to common collection pools.

Client: Funen’s public housing company

Architect: The Plus Office, Architects MAA

The new building, which is the first major building in Tankefuld, consists of 67 low-energy homes, divided into 30 terraced houses and 37 storeys in both 1, 2 and 3 levels. The building is in yellow brick wall with marked walls, with the brick facing the back. Similarly, there are fillings in the brickwork and sheds made with planed wood profiles. The flat roofs are furnished with roof terraces and solar panels while the remaining roof areas are greeted with moss. There are 7 different types of housing.

Picture: https://www.svendborg.dk/borger/byg-og-bo/byggegrunde/tankefuld-en-ny-baeredygtig-bydel-i-udvikling

The building and its outdoor areas are designed as a geometric patchwork rug with varying building heights, long look, indentation, scale differences, plantations and useful features and activity areas. The town’s seats are spread throughout the entire settlement and are used for both stays, sports, play and parking. All rentals have either private roof garden or balcony.

Picture: http://inspirationskatalog.dk/projekter/energi-miljoe/tankefuld/

There are also shared roof gardens and a large common house. A significant feature of the landscape machining is the precisely shaped and planted sump beds that lead both surface and roof water to the low-lying rainwater basin located north of the settlement. The building’s main facades are southwest facing to ensure the best possible utilization of passive solar heating. The shelves are walls in the space and help to give the individual room a special identity: climbing wall, wall for ball games or just greeted with slings.[1]

Picture: http://archidea.dk/tankefuld.html

The residential building “Thoughtful” is awarded the Svendborg Municipality Architectural Award for its exemplary and nuanced way of creating a new city on bar land.

The building contains large spacious qualities both inside and out; The changing building heights, the expressive facades and the diverse spaces between the houses together provide a vibrant and varied architectural expression that is experienced both sympathetic and identity-creating.

The individual dwellings are field-exposed with consistent cross-space and inner crossing. And despite the fact that some houses are close to each other in southernly inspired spawning courses, the individual dwelling still has views and views. All sustainable initiatives such as solar orientation, solar systems, sump beds, etc. is exemplary well integrated into the overall architectural expression and helps to elevate the visual qualities of the building.

[1] Source: https://arkitektforeningen.dk/SVENDBORG:%20Tankefuld