An EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change

At a glance

In 2013, the European Commission adopted an EU strategy on adaptation to climate change, aimed to make Europe more climate-resilient. By taking a coherent approach and providing for improved coordination, it aims to enhance the preparedness and capacity of all governance levels to respond to the impacts of climate change.

The EU Adaptation Strategy focuses on three key objectives:

Promoting action by Member States : The Commission encourages all Member States to adopt comprehensive adaptation strategies (currently 25 have strategies) and provides funding to help them build up their adaptation capacities and take action. It also supports adaptation in cities through the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy initiative.

Climate-proofing’ action at EU level by further promoting adaptation in key vulnerable sectors such as agriculture, fisheries and cohesion policy, ensuring that Europe’s infrastructure is made more resilient, and promoting the use of insurance against natural and man-made disasters.

Better informed decision-making by addressing gaps in knowledge about adaptation and further developing the European climate adaptation platform (Climate-ADAPT).

The Commission published an evaluation of the strategy in November 2018. The evaluation shows that the strategy has delivered on its objectives, with progress recorded against each of its eight individual actions. The report, nevertheless, outlines how Europe is still vulnerable to climate impacts within and outside its borders. The evaluation also suggests areas where more work needs to be done to prepare vulnerable regions and sectors.

More info: EU Adaptation Strategy

BIBM’s view

The strategy involves the recognition of:

• precast concrete/concrete as a climate resilient material,
• precast concrete as earthquake and fire safe material,
• precast concrete/concrete as affordable solution to climate proof infrastructure.

Moreover, it aims to raise the awareness that concrete/precast concrete has key role to play in helping society adapt and face the impacts of climate change in an affordable way.