Mission & Vision

Our mission

BIBM  is the voice of the Precast Concrete industry at the European level. Starting either from a general situation (e.g. a directive or decision) or from a specific national problem, BIBM is the major precast concrete industry platform which can deal with European-wide issues.

BIBM provides a platform for a network of professionals, experts and industrialists involved in the precast concrete industry  to come together and  address jointly some key issues. BIBM, with its commissions and ad hoc groups, promotes the sharing of experience and information.

BIBM also take part in the development of global strategies or the collection of worldwide experiences that can be used at the national/local level for the promotion of the precast concrete industry.

BIBM is the natural European representative of the precast concrete industry

BIBM is mandated by its members to be their natural link towards European public authorities and construction bodies: decision-makers in the European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and European Council), in standardization bodies (CEN, EOTA, notified bodies),  and towards other European trade or non-profit organizations.

The advantages of a European association are:

  • increased strength, visibility and representativeness;
  • expansion of knowledge boundaries;
  • experience sharing.

Learn more what BIBM does for its Members, download our Brochure here: BIBM – advantages of Membership (final)

Our vision

Precast concrete is the material for the 21st century

Innovative, sustainable and versatile are only a few of Precast Concrete’s great characteristics.

No other construction material can exploit so easily the local availability of raw materials, the ecological and health aspects, combined with a competitive price.

Our association believes in the value of precast concrete, as well as in the importance of an international cooperation when dealing with the dissemination of our message and the discussion of common initiatives in this field.

BIBM is founded on the will of the full members to organize a network, principally inside Europe, to cope with the dissemination of accurate and trusted information about precast concrete.

The built-in advantages of the material, coupled with the constant innovation of the precast concrete industry, result in precast concrete being highly regarded as the construction material for the future.

In many applications, precast concrete is the most suitable material, especially when its thermal inertia and fire resistance are essential requirements.

BIBM will drive forward the recognition of precast concrete as a sustainable* material for the future.