What is concrete?

Concrete is the second most consumed substance on Earth after water! It is part of our everyday lives. A world without concrete is almost inconceivable!

Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel, stone and/or other aggregates (the matrix), bound together by a water-based binder, cement. Admixtures (modifying agents) and additives (fine mineral powders) are sometimes introduced to improve the characteristics of the fresh concrete, of the mixing process and/or of the final hardened material.

Concrete is used in virtually all construction you can think of – from roads, to buildings, railways and bridges. It is the most widely-used construction material in the world.

The concrete industry

The “concrete industry” is made up of several industries. The aggregates, cement and admixtures industries all supply materials to ready-mix and precast concrete. The term “concrete industry” should be taken to mean this ensemble of industries involved in the manufacturing of concrete and concrete products.