Level(s) provides a common language for assessing and reporting on the sustainability performance of buildings. It offers an extensive testing system for measuring and supporting improvements, from design to end of life. It can be applied to residential buildings or offices.

As BIBM, we highly support Level(s) as it assesses the full environmental performance of a building during its whole life cycle and brings the circularity perspective.

New European Bauhaus (NEB)

The New European Bauhaus is communication promoting a think-do tank, a design lab and network to revisit sustainable practices to be used to design future ways. It purposes a new way of architectural thinking to build places that are beautiful, sustainable, affordable, inclusive, close to nature, durable by including different stakeholders from academia, NGOs and as well as policy makers.

BIBM is in favor of this new architectural movement promoting sustainability, thus appreciates material neutrality while choosing the design and implementation.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Environmental Product Declaration contains information related to product environmental performance obtained using life cycle assessment methodology. Results are expressed for a detailed list of indicators declared for each stage of the construction product from the sourcing/supply of raw materials to the end of life.

BIBM is in favor of Environmental Product Declaration as they are based on the standards, namely, EN 53805 Product category rules, EN 16757 Complementary rules for concrete and concrete elements and EN 15978 Calculation methodology and building level.

Construction Transition Pathway

Transition pathway for construction aims to offer a bottom-up understanding of the scale, cost, and conditions for resilience, competitiveness, and the green and digital transition. By presenting roadmaps with objectives and actions positioned in time, it aims to guide Member States and stakeholders in developing commitments on how they will implement this Transition Pathway.

BIBM supports initiatives which includes all the actors involved into finding solutions to the challenges of our industry related to environment and sustainability.