What is a precast concrete product?

A precast concrete product is a factory-made element manufactured with concrete and which, later, together with other pieces, will become part of a larger structure. Precast concrete elements are prepared, cast and hardened at specially equipped plants with a permanent location. The main advantages of such a process are:

  • Affordability: precast concrete combines the excellent quality of factory production with a relatively inexpensive material. The costs to repair and maintain concrete structures are low.
  • Sustainability: made of natural local raw materials, available almost everywhere,precast concrete minimises the whole life cycle impact on the environment.
  • Rapidity: factory-made products are independent of weather conditions and can be preceded separately from construction work on site. The use of precast concrete elements can shorten the disruption times caused by construction on site
  • Safety and quality control: properties of the hardened concrete and position of reinforcement can all be checked before inclusion of an element in the final work. The intrinsic quality of an industrial product, manufactured in a controlled environment and with accurate methods

Precast concrete offers a wide range of colours, finishes and unlimited design possibilities difficult to match with any other material, while creating structures that can provide excellent energy performance from a life cycle perspective.

Precast concrete solutions provide:

  • Highly energy-efficient commercial, residential, educational and healthcare facilities
  • Drinking water, drainage, water sewage and sanitation systems
  • Communication and transport infrastructure
  • Shelter and protection against the forces of nature