Sustainable Carbon Cycle (SCC)

The Sustainable Carbon Cycle Framework is the EU’s action plan to develop sustainable and resilient solutions to enhance carbon removals. It sets out criteria for defining high-quality carbon removals and the process of monitoring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) the authenticity of these removals.

BIBM supports the scientific assessment and management of carbon cycles. We are also advocating decarbonization of our industry and permanent carbon storage. See our BIBM Decarbonization Pledge.

Whole Life Carbon (WLC) Roadmap

The Whole Life Carbon Roadmap outlines the key EU policy interventions, regulatory measures and tools needed to achieve a decarbonised, circular, resilient and well-designed built environment by 2050. It focuses on measures to address whole life carbon at the building level.

BIBM supports reduction of the whole carbon in construction during its whole life cycle; summing up embodied and operational carbon. Besides, every construction project is unique and the best solution how to decarbonize buildings or infrastructure could be found out case basis. See the Concrete Europe position paper on Whole Life Carbon Roadmap.