Concrete Perspectives July-August 2014

Construction sector

  • The European Commission opened a survey (18.7-07.09) on “Which Materials for Sustainable Construction?”. BIBM will develop an answer with the possibility of a common position within the European Concrete Platform.

    European Commission Survey – Which materials for Sustainable Construction?

  • The European Commission opened a Public Consultation on “The Urban Dimension of EU Policies”. The consultation recognises the importance of cities in the implementation of EU policies and equally, that EU policies need to be properly adapted to urban realities. The consultation states that 2/3 of EU policies has direct or indirect effect on cities and urban areas. The future EU Urban Agenda will aim for a more integrated approach to policy development, to ensure uniformity and avoid inconsistencies.

    European Commission – Press Release

  • CECODHAS Housing Europe, the European Federation of Public, Cooperative & Social Housing, published a series of best practices about innovation in housing policies. The cited best examples are available on the site of CECODHAS following the link below.

    CEODHAS – Best examples of innovation in housing policies

  • On 2nd of July, the European Commission issued the long-awaited Communication on Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector (COM(2014)445). The Concrete Initiative issued a common press release on Sustainable buildings: Ensuring a balanced approach. The press release can be found at the link below.

    The Concrete Initiative – Press Release

  • On 2nd of July, the European Commission issued an amending Directive on waste regulations (COM (2014) 397), and a Communication on Circular economy –zero waste for Europe (COM (2014) 398). The European Concrete Platform issued a Press Release and called for right policy framework to support resource efficiency & recycling of C&D waste.

    European Concrete Platform – Press Release

  • The European Commission issued a proposal to provide financial assistance from the Globalisation Fund to help Dutch construction workers find new jobs. In the 475 workers have huge difficulties to find new jobs. The measures co-financed by the EU Globalisation fund would help to offer them job-search and outplacement assistance, vocational training and a mobility pool.

    European Commission – Press Release

Live from the European Union

At the beginning of July, the Council’s next three presidents – Italy, Latvia and Luxembourg – published their priorities for the next 18 months. In line with the previously communicated Italian Presidency’s priorities (July- December 2014), restoring the economy and creating jobs appears to be the most important priority.

Further objectives are investment in research and sustainability, migratory policy, border security and enlargement issues (Turkey and Iceland).

For further details please refer to the following link: Council of the EU – Press Release

News in brief



17 September 2014

BIBM Board

Brussels, Belgium

30 September 2014

BIBM Communication Commission

Brussels, Belgium


6-7 October 2014

ECP Task Force Fire and Eurocodes

Brussels, Belgium

8 October 2014

ECP Task Force Sustainable Concrete

Brussels, Belgium

9 October 2014

SG13 Notified Bodies


10 October 2014

Technical Commission

Brussels, Belgium

17 October 2014

CPE – TG Implementation of the CPR

Brussels, Belgium

22 October 2014

H&S Committee and webinar

Brussels, Belgium

22 October 2014

CPE – TG Dangerous Substances

Brussels, Belgium

27 October 2014

The Concrete Initiative – Thematic Lunch on recycling concrete

Brussels, Belgium

29 October 2014

Environmental Commission

Brussels, Belgium


6 November 2014

ECP Board meeting

Brussels, Belgium

18 November 2014

CPE – CPR WG meeting

Brussels, Belgium

21 November 2014

CPE – Sustainable WG meeting

Brussels, Belgium

25 November 2014 (tbc)

The Concrete Initiative – Launch in the Parliament

Strasbourg, France


2 December 2014

BIBM General Assembly

Brussels, Belgium

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List of Acronyms

CPE- Construction Product Europe

CPR- Construction Products Regulation

ECP- European Concrete Platform