Concrete Perspectives February 2015

Internal News

BIBM held its annual Director meeting on 23 February in Ulm, Germany. The event was a great occasion for the directors of the National Precast Concrete Associations to exchange issues of national interest.

Construction Sector

  • On 12 February, the Architects’ Council of Europe published the fourth edition of its Sector study, which shows that the architect profession is growing. The ACE Sector Study is a survey conducted every two-year. It assembles and analyses statistical, sociological and economic data on the architect profession, market and practices at European level.

Architects’ Council Europe – Press Release

Sector Study 2014

  • On 25 February, Fire Safe Europe held an awareness raising event titled “Is Europe playing with fire? The high-level discussion on an EU action plan to address fire safety risks in buildings was hosted by MEP Olga Sehnalová.

    FSEU – Event Description

    FSEU – Press Release

Live from the European Union

European Commission Winter European Economic Forecast 2015

On 5 February 2015, the European Commission published The Winter 2015 European Economic Forecast”. The forecast confirms the low economic growth and that high unemployment has yet to be solved. Business confidence should be re-established which expected to trigger further investments, leading to economic growth and lower unemployment rates.

Winter 2015 European Economic Forecast

European Commission – Economic Forecast (website)

European Financial Instruments launched to drive investments

On 16 February 2015, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) launched two financial instruments to drive investment in energy efficiency and adaptation to climate change. The aim is to encourage more public and private investments by combining EIB loans with financing under the EU LIFE Programme for Environment and Climate Action.

European Investment Bank – Press Release

World Bank issues EUR 30 Million Fixed Rate Green Bond due 2045

On 17 February 2015, the World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, IBRD announced a EUR 30 million 30-year fixed rate Green Bond. The Green Bonds will encourage investors to invest in environmental-friendly projects through a high grade fixed income investment.

World Bank – Press Release

European Funds for Strategic Investments for SMEs

On 17 February 2015, the Board of Governors of the European Investment Bank decided that small and medium business should be able to profit from the first funds of the new European Funds for Strategic Investments. It means that EIB will allow for the pre-financing of SME projects linked to the Investment Plan for Europe before the summer.

The European Fund for Strategic Investment has been recently created by the so-called Juncker Plan.

European Investment Bank – Decision of the Board of Governors

European Commission – Press Release

News in brief



5 March 2015

“Circular Economy” Conference

Brussels, Belgium

6 March 2015

ECP Board

Brussels, Belgium

10 March 2015

ECP AhG Thermal Mass

Brussels, Belgium

12 March 2015

CEN/TC/229 WG4

Brussels, Belgium

17 March 2015

AhG Concrete Initiative

Brussels, Belgium

24-25 March 2015

BIBM Technical Commission

Brussels, Belgium

30 March 2015

European Masonry Alliance

Brussels, Belgium


14 April 2015


Madrid, Spain

16-17 April 2015

CEN/TC 229

Berlin, Germany

20 April 2015

INGRESS meeting

Brussels, Belgium

22 April 2015

SG13 (Notified Bodies) meeting

Barcelona, Spain

23 April 2015

HOLCOFIRE Steering Group

Brussels, Belgium

28 April 2015

BIBM Board meeting

Brussels, Belgium

29 April 2015

Environmental Commission

Brussels, Belgium


5-6 May 2015

CEN/TC 104/SC 1

Brussels, Belgium

6-7 May 2015

CEN/TC 104

Brussels, Belgium

12 May 2015

ECP TF Sustainable Concrete


18 May 2015

AhG Concrete Initiative

Brussels, Belgium

19 May 2015

BIBM Communication Commission

Brussels, Belgium

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List of Acronyms

ACE – Architects’ Council of Europe

CPE – Construction Product Europe

CPR – Construction Products Regulation

ECP – European Concrete Platform

EIB – European Investment Bank

LIFE Programme – is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action

TF – Task Force

AhG – Ad-hoc Group