AZIYADÉ Residence – France

AZIYADÉ Residence – La Rochelle, France

AZIYADÉ is a student residence of 92 apartments, designed by HOBO ARCHITECTURE. Its architecture evokes the Mediterranean so dear to Pierre Loti, writer and naval officer of the 19th century, a native of Rochefort. Man of land, sailor, a great traveller, he inspired this project design for the youth open to the world and to its connections.

The name of the Residence is the name of his first novel.

HOBO ARCHITECTURE develops ultra-industrial solutions in the concrete sector for housing.

The AZIYADÉ project for the CROUS in La Rochelle integrates the process of prefabrication of the constituents of the envelope and technical batches in the design and implementation process.

The residence of 92 student dwellings will be completed in less than 7 months with elements completely dry assembled.

The approach associates the constituents of envelope and technical batches. After this , the actual realization on the site is a quick and simple task.

La Rochelle is in level 3 zone seismic activity. The objective of HOBO ARCHITECTURE is always to improve the architectural quality, the quality of realization and use of the premises without giving in to purely economic reasons. To optimise costs, delay management and the reduction of uncertainties were crucial.

The use of self-placing concrete also makes it possible to propose other decorative approaches that are very perennial and integrated into the wall and ceiling matrices.

All phases of the project were carried out with the digital model (REVIT) and BIM processes.

This 3D digital avatar was used to carry out seismic, thermal and environmental simulations (sunshine – winds …).

The 3D synthesis facilitated the integration of elements before delivery on site, as well as all the installation of electrical services, carpentry (doors, hatches, windows) and external railings.

The buildings are made up of elements, all made of prefabricated concrete, with a volume of concrete of 1 500 m3.

• 99 sandwich panels with a thickness of 38 cm (1,550 m2, grey finish, white or polished white depending on the location),

• internal partitions and other structural panels with an area of ​​3,037 m2

• 99 floor slabs with a thickness of 20 cm and an area of ​​2 080 m2

• 52 waffled slabs with an area of ​​1,052 m2

• 72 outdoor deck floors

• And other products (poles, beams, stairs, bearings).