Emirates Arena – UK


Best Practice Award 2013 -UK

Emirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland (Decomo UK and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome )

In the United Kingdom, the Best Practice Award 2013 was organized in several categories. In this edition, we present the Project Award won by joint winners Decomo UK for Emirates Arena (pictured) and Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Glasgow and Thorp Precast for the new Cooperative Head Office, Manchester.

The indoor Arena has a capacity of 5,000 while the velodrome has a 250 meter indoor track with a capacity of 2,500 (2,000 seated), expanding to 4,500 (4,000 seated) with temporary seating during the Games. The Velodrome is named after Olympic and Commonwealth gold-medal winning Scottish cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, Britain’s most successful Olympic athlete.