Natol House – Austria

The International Innovation Award „Heating and cooling with concrete” was organized by the concrete marketing organisations of Germany, Switzerland and Austria in 2010, with the cooperation of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transportation, Innovation and Technology; the Austrian Society for Environment &Technology and the Austrian Construction Technology Platform. 63 projects from Austria, Germany and Switzerland met the requirements, such as energy efficiency, progressive solutions, thermal activation of concrete etc. Finally four buildings were chosen as exemplary projects, Natol House is one of these four, in category single family house. The other three projects are B35  (Switzerland), Sluis 0124 (sluice-gate – Amsterdam) and VM Bjerget (Denmark).

Executive summary of Natol House

  • 6460 Karrösten, Tyrol
  • Single-family home
  • Residential, gross floor area 184 m²
  • Construction 2009
  • Two-storey building with partial basement, solid concrete structure. Activated components for heating: ceilings, walls and floors (water-filled plastic pipes routed through the concrete construction). Energy gained by solar cells (5520 kWh/a from 23 m²); use of biogenic and waste heat. Additional comfort is provided by a wood-fired tiled stove, able to add heat to the house system (residual heat). Temperature sensors and flow control regulate the system.
  • Energy consumption: heating demand 10.0 kWh/m²a