– Belgium

FEBE, the Belgian Precast Association held its annual “Elements Award” on 28 November 2013.
Awards have been awarded in three categories:

1. Precast in Building Award
2. Precast in infrastructure
3. Outstanding precast Category

In this edition, we present the category Precast in infrastructure: (vélonet). combines the problem of bad bicycle paths with two other challenges. The first is the need for a smart network of energy pipes which should not be removed each time. The second is the infiltration or slow evacuation of storm-water and the risk of flooding. The system is composed entirely of prefabricated concrete elements.

The issue of energy lines and cables is very up-to-date. As a product development, it is innovative and has a great value. The jury was pleased to see innovative proposals that do not come from the precast sector, but use other concrete elements.

Architect: Luc Maes BVBA AD2M
Other Partners: KHBO civil engineering department and
Innovatiecentrum West -Vlaanderen